Horizontal Form Fill (HFFS)


Horizontal Form Fill Sealing (HFFS)
Stand-Up Pouches Packaging Machines

There is hardly any product that cannot be packed into a sachet made of flexible film. Mespack has developed intermittent motion filling machines
to pack powder and granular products. Also pieces like dishwashing tablets. Mespack liquid filling machines can work in intermittent and continuous motion.

Flat or stand-up pouches, cap fitments for easy product pouring, straw attachments for soft drinks, and zipper re-closable systems, can be installed on our bagging machines are available to meet the market demands of actual and future products.

A wide number of different fillers are available as auger and volumetric fillers, pumps, weighers, as well as other customized dosing systems. Product protection is also a priority. We have a number of solutions for gas flushing to minimize residual oxygen contents in the sachet, as well as C.I.P. or S.I.P cleaning systems.

Our success in the global market is a result of our ability to continuously provide creative package designs and reliable and cost-effective equipment.