Induction Cap Sealing Machines


Proking Induction Cap Seal

Proking is a professional induction heating equipment manufacturing company. We manufacture different types of induction heat treatment equipment . Small heat treatment equipment is made up of semi-conductors, high-frequency induction generator, output transformer and coil and water-cooling devices. IGBT, MOS-FET oscillating is used which features smaller size, lighter weight and easy-operation. The equipment is good for low-power quenching and annealing welding. Another one from Proking is induction cap sealing machine. Proking is able to supply different kinds of special designs for special bottle sealing. Proking also manufacture Induction shrink fit tooling. It suitable to shrink fit various chuck with high clamping force. Proking always trust persistence makes perfect and also have been booming in sales to over thirty countries and winning public praise let you could feel free to use our machine.


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