Horizontal Flow Wrapper


Pioneer of the Packaging Industry

Since our establishment, we have been at the forefront for the production of packaging machines.
We started by wrapping caramels before applying this technique to chewing gum, candy, etc. We were the first in the packaging industry to apply electronic controls and develop packaging robotics. We have always made efforts to carve our way to new eras by providing quality products.

Providing a Packaging Line that Combines Packaging Machinery and Peripherals

By combining a wide variety of packaging machinery and peripherals, we can meet our customers’ needs independently. When the packaging process involves a combination of machines from numerous companies, trouble often occurs with a lack of coordination between companies and the exposure of unclear scopes of responsibility. However, at FUJI we take responsibility to provide whole lines, reducing inter-business trouble and losses in the packaging process.

Broad customer base in a stable industry

Since a lot of packaging is needed in daily life and for distribution, the packaging machinery industry is less susceptible to changes in the economy, making it more stable than the automobile or machine tool industries.
We deal with a wide variety of customers of over 5,000 companies, including customers that provide major products that can often be seen in supermarkets and convenience stores, giving us a stable revenue base.