Proking HF-2000 Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The Modular High Efficiency Performance Induction Sealing Machine

The entire cap sealing machine is constructed of high quality modular mechanisms, such as a heating generator, induction heating coil, conveyor, speed reducer, control box, elevation unit and stand. The cap sealing machine features quick maintenance and creates great profits for the customer.

The unit is excellent for medium to high speed applications.




Power Output Max 2000W
Input Voltage 220V / 1ph
Max. Current 12A
Cap Diamater 16-60mm / 16-80mm / 60-120mm
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Generator Type MOS-FET
Frequency (KHZ) 40-100
Generator Size 46*22*40
Measurement (cm) 114*80*150
N.W / G.W (kg) 90/185
  • Fast and efficient. The induction heating foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or powder contamination on sealing area.
  • The detector checks the presence of foil. It sends a signal when foil is missed in a certain cap. This prevents unsealed products from being delivered.
  • Safe in use. The cap sealing machine is built with protection circuit to protect against electric current overload, voltage overload and output overload.
  • Easy and simple to use. All functions of cap sealing machine are clearly labeled on the display panel, which is convenient to access.
  • Modular component design minimizes maintenance requirements.
  • A broad range of applications can be simply setup by button control.
  • Quick adapters on power and control wires provide easy replacement.
  • The IGBT/MOS-FET module provides high efficiency, low power consumption and long service life.
  • Height of electromagnetic induction coil is adjustable and flexible for a range of bottle heights.
  • Employs European plastic steel chain block, combined with standardized accessories, for long service life.