Mespack H-140FE / H-170FE Stand-Up Pouches

The smallest and most competitive machine for stand-up pouches.

Mespack H140FE and H170FE are the most reliable and compact packaging solution for small flat or stand-up pouches, the smallest machine which can make stand-up pouch.
This solution is developed in order to respond to the growing demand for high quality, low footprint, and cost-competitive packaging solutions for the production of medium and small-sized pouches.

It is recommended for any kind of industry, especially food, home care, and personal care, the products as liquids, solids, granules, and powder can be filled.


Machine H-140 FE H-170 FE
Pouch Size Min. (mm) 70 x 100 70 x 100
Pouch Size Max. (mm) 140 x 240 170 x 240
Gusset Min-Max (mm) 40 – 90 40 – 90
Max. Volume 600 cc 800 cc
Output (ppm) 65-70 65-70
Filling Station 2 2
Type of Pouch Stand-Up Stand-Up
  • Automatic bottom perforator correction system for stand-up pouches
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Mespack Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)
  • PLC automatic lubrication system.
  • Pouch reject station
  • Recyclable ready films
  • Static pouch stretching prior to top sealing
Sealing Stations:
Our experience in fl exible packaging has allowed us to offer a quick changeover system for sealers, which reduces the adjustment time. Furthermore, our sealing groups are able to work with various materials, thus obtaining optimum quality with minimum energy consumption.
Filling Stations:
Liquids, Solids, Granules, Powders
To maximize production in small spaces, the H Series offers the possibility of adding several filling stations. Consequently, the production speed can be increased.
Top Cooler with Pouch Rejection:
The pouch rejection is integrated into the top cooler, the pouch will be rejected if it is not correctly opened, or the product is not filled.