Mespack H-440 Small Stand-Up Pouches

Horizontal packaging machine for small stand-up pouch H-440

Quadruplex features up to 110mm width and 260 PPM.

The horizontal packaging machine for small stand-up pouch H-440 follows the line of the simplicity and robustness standards of Mespack design. Consequently, this HFFS machine offers high speed solutions for small and medium flat sachet and stand-up pouch of up to 110mm width in quadrúplex version. Multiple fitments and applications can be installed upon request.

This range of packaging machines makes it easy to present the product with a renewed and innovative design. In this way, it also allows the addition of top and side cap applicators, zipper applicator, straw applicator and total inert gas chambers, as well as other customized accessories.


Machine H-440 FET H-440 FEQ
Pouch Size Min. 80 x 100 80 x 100
Pouch Size Max. 145 x 300 110 x 300
Gusset Min/Max 40 / 70 40 / 50
Max. Volume 850 cc 400 cc
Output (ppm) up to 210 up to 260
Filling Station 3 3
Type of Pouch Stand Up Stand Up
  • Independent electrical cabinet
  • Independent unwind system
  • Automatic adjustment control of seal jaws position
  • Automatic hole punch correction system for stand-up pouches
  • Servo driven changeover system for forming plough
  • Triple pouch opening system through vacuum, air jet and mechanical device
  • Three different filling stations
  • Cam driven walking beam
  • Pouch grippers engineered to hold up to 2 kg
  • Static pouch stretching prior to sealing
  • Pouch reject station
  • PLC automatic lubrication system

This horizontal packaging machine for small stand-up pouch, as well as the rest of the range, has a separate electrical panel as well as the rest of the range. Mespack uses Omron as standard, however, models from Siemens or Allan Bradley can be adapted.

By unifying the vast majority of its components with those of the rest of range, the after-sales service is faster and more efficient.