Videojet DataFlex 6530 and 6330

Videojet DataFlex® Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer

The 6530 and 6330 are part of the Videojet DataFlex® range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO), which are designed to give you a more productive operation. These new Videojet printers embody the latest technology to further improve uptime while reducing time spent on quality checks, waste, and rework to drive productivity, quality and efficiency.

With built-in code quality checker iAssure™ technology, minimal wear parts, airless all-electronic operation, and fast-change ribbon cassette, the 6530 and 6330 offer maximized uptime advantage.

The DataFlex 6330 is a medium speed Thermal Transfer Overprinter and offers print speeds of up to 250 ppm*. It is available in two print widths, 32mm and 53mm, providing the best combination of printhead and ribbon width to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your application requirements.

The DataFlex 6530 is a high-speed Thermal Transfer Overprinter that can help improve uptime and provide a more productive operation by helping to reduce time spent on quality checks, waste, and rework. It is also available in two widths, 53mm with iAssure™ technology, and an industry first airless 107mm, to meet your specific application needs.

Engineered for applications such as vertical form fill and seal, the 6530 offers print speeds of up to 1000mm/s and throughputs up to 700 ppm.*

*Application and substrate dependent


Specification 6530 6330
Printer Mode Intermittent and Continuous Motion
Print Gap Consistent 0.020″ (0.5mm)
Ribbon Widths 6530(53mm):0.8” (20mm), 2.2” (55mm) max 6330(53mm):0.8” (20mm), 2.2” (55mm) max
6530(107mm):2.2” (55mm),4.33” (110mm) max 6330(32mm):0.8” (20mm), 1.3” (33mm) max
Bar Code Printing EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN 128, Code 128, ITF, RSS (including 2D composite codes); others may be available upon request
Operator Interface TFT SVGA 800×480 full-color LCD and touch screen, WYSIWYG print preview, full on-board diagnostics, 3 levels of password protection, extensive language support
Leader/Follower Capability (Up to 4 Printers Controlled by One User Interface) Up to four Videojet DataFlex® 6530  and 6330 printers controlled via a single CLARiTY™ control unit
Standard Communication RS232, dual Ethernet, USB memory stick and scanner support, Binary and ASCII comms protocols, Windows™ drivers ZPL and SATO emulations
Web Browser Capability Yes
Continuous Mode:
Maximum Print Area
(Width x Length)
6530(53mm):2.1” (53mm) wide x 7.9” (200mm) long
6530(107mm):4.3” (107mm) wide x 11.8” (300mm) long
6330(53mm):2.1” (53mm) wide x 7.9” (200mm) long
6330(32mm):1.3” (32mm) wide x 7.9” (200mm) long
Maximum Print Speed 39.4 in./sec (1,000mm/sec) 29.5 in./sec (750mm/sec)
Minimum Print Speed 0.04 in./sec (1mm/sec)
Estimated Maximum Throughput (Single Line Code) 6530(53mm):Up to 700 prints per minute
6530(107mm): Up to 450 prints per minute
6330(53mm): Up to 250 prints per minute
6330(32mm):Up to 250 prints per minute
Intermittent Mode:
Maximum Print Area (Width x Length) 6530(53mm): 2.1” (53mm) wide x 2.95” (75mm) long
6530(107mm): 4.3” (107mm) wide x 2.95” (75mm) long
6330(53mm): 2.1” (53mm) wide x 2.95” (75mm) long
6330(32mm): 1.3” (32mm) wide x 2.95” (75mm) long
Maximum Print Speed 6530(53mm): 31.5 in./sec (800mm/sec)
6530(107mm): 23.6in./sec (600mm/sec)
6330(53mm): 29.5 in./sec (750mm/sec)
6330(32mm): 29.5 in./sec (750mm/sec)
Minimum Print Speed 0.4 in./sec (10mm/sec) 1.6 in./sec (40mm/sec) full print quality; 0.4 in./ sec (10mm/sec) draft mode print quality

*6530: The 6530 is a high speed Thermal Transfer Overprinter

**6330: The 6330 is a medium speed Thermal Transfer Overprinter


Uptime advantage

  • Reduce costs and downtime, maximize printhead life and gain consistent print quality thanks to airless Videojet Intelligent Motion™ technology
  • Up to 1,200m ribbon capacity and a variety of ribbon economy modes help maximize the time between ribbon changeovers

Code Assurance

  • Videojet iAssure™ technology*, a built-in code quality checker, helps reduce waste and rework with no additional hardware, installation or training
  • Videojet CLARiTY™ software helps ensure the right code is consistently printed on the right product

Easy usability

  • Simple operator interface
  • Designed to withstand tough production line environments
  • Minimal wear parts are easy to change out, improving production line uptime

Built-in productivity

  • Using default settings and no factory air gauge, you can maintain consistent code quality and avoid conventional air and energy settings that operators might over-adjust
  • Quickly discover code legibility issues that indicate the potential need for printer maintenance
  • Industry-leading simple cassette change designed for fast ribbon replacement to maximize uptime
  • 25% faster throughput than previous Videojet TTO models


* iAssure not available in 107mm printhead width

* iAssure™ technology complements existing quality control processes. It is not designed to detect all printing errors and does not read bar codes.