Yamato Checkweighers I Series

Ensure the quality of your production

This industrial multihead weigher was designed with four weigh heads to support target weights that range between 11lbs to 44lbs(5kg to 20kg), the Gravimetric Flex Weigher (GFW) bulk weighing scale offers high speed and  supreme accuracy.

A separate weighing zone prevents any mechanical interference or contamination from foreign materials, ensuring product remains clean. With the Yamato FNL-308CC bulk weigher packing scale, installation space is conserved, line operation times are shortened, power usage is cut, and even maintenance times are reduced, helping to decrease overall running costs.


Specification Value
Speed Max. 1000 B/H
Weighing Range 10kg~30kg
Min.Graduation 5g
Weighing Accuracy +15g(600B/H)
Weighing Method Net Weighing
Power Supply 3 Phase,AC200/220V +10%,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1.5kVA
Air Pressure/ Air Consumption 0.5Mpa/200N/min
Weighing Product Resin Pellet, Fertilizer, Beans, Grain, Rice etc. (partice size 1mm and over with natural flow)
  • Best for target weights ranging from 33lbs(15kg) to 66lbs(30kg)
  • All sliding parts and discharge components are separate from the product weighing zone
  • Servo-motor-driven cut gate controls product flow
  • Dribble feed ensures accuracy
  • Up to 1000 weighments per hour, ±0.9oz(25g) at 55lbs(25kg)
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Programming is intuitive