Yamato Gravimetric Flex Weigher

Ensure the quality of your production

This industrial multihead weigher was designed with four weigh heads to support target weights that range between 11lbs to 44lbs(5kg to 20kg), the Gravimetric Flex Weigher (GFW) bulk weighing scale offers high speed and  supreme accuracy.

At 11lbs(5kg), the GFW-1104CC bulk weighing scale can operate at up to 60 weighments per minute, ±0.2oz(5g). To support a range of target weights, this scale can operate in single, double, or quattro mode

Yamato is a leading manufacturer of industrial bulk weighing systems and other industrial scales. We pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and most accurate scales on the market.

Yamato Gravimetric Flex Weigher


Specification Value
Hopper capacity 9 litter/1 Hopper
Target weight range Up to 5kg by 1 weigh head, 20kg by4 weigh heads
Weighing Speed Max. 50wpm (Target weight : 1kg) for rice
Weighing Accuracy +2g@1g,+5g@5kg
Power 1 Phase,AC100-240V,50/60Hz,0.5kVa
Product Dry Free-flowing grains, Granules, and Powders. (Rice,Powedered Detergent, Granulated sugar etc.)
  • Best for target weights ranging from 11lbs(5kg) to 44lbs(20kg)
  • A stepper motor seamlessly controls the cut gate on each bucket
  • A variety of weigh buckets are available based on product specifications
  • Tool-less removal and attachment of internal components
    IP65 equivalent – wash with water
  • 10.4-inch color touchscreen
  • Store up to 50 programs