Yamato Flexible Case Packer

For simple and flexible packaging solutions

With countless possibilities existing to process a product into its final packaging, the art lies in combining the factors of constant precision in processing the maximum number of applications and flexibility in the types of packaging offered while being able to offer a price that is in line with the market.

The Flexible Case Packer Series was developed on the basis of these construction parameters. Simply put, the principle of the operation lies in the horizontal collection of individual products followed by a vertical transfer of the total individual packages into a propped up case.

The FCP Series permits
Based on the type of individual package (bags, cartons, cylinders, etc.), the alignment of the individual products in the case, and the demands of the market, the machines of the FCP Series permit

  • the collection and configuration of units into rows,
  • the configuration of rows into a layer,
  • the possibility of stacking several layers until the case is completely filled.


Machine Top Loader
Product Insertion

Vertical or Horizontal

Flexible Pillow, Block Bottom, Gusseted Bags, Stand-Up Pouches, Trays, Cups, Sleeved

Packaging Capabilities Trays, Cartons, Bottles
Shipping Case Style RSC, HSC, D/C, Trays
Max. Pack Speed

150 per minute; dual lane in-feed*
120 per minute; single lane in-feed*

Pack Pattern

1 – 22 units per row
1 – 4 rows per layer
1 – 10 layers per case

Case Weight < 8kg**
Operator Presets Up to 50 programs
Operational Environment 0 – 40°C
Drives Servo
Electric Consumption 200-230V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz
Machine Weight 1200kg

* Speeds may increase or decrease dependent upon product characteristics and case pack patterns
**Increased weight is available for discussion

  • A steady packing quality and constant precision in the repeated operations owing to a dual system of collators and Servo Motors which enables a smooth, vibration-free transfer of the product
  • A high packing density due to an optimized regrouping of packages and a multi-axis design with Servo Motors
  • A full stainless steel construction with a compact machine footprint design for tight spaces
  • A direct integration with Yamato Checkweighers to obtain a system of control
  • An easy integration into existing packaging lines