System Square X-Ray Seal Inspection System SXS2-2154HC1D / SXS2-3474HC1D

Hybrid X-ray and Optical Inspection Systems

X-Ray Seal inspection technology combines two picture shoots from X-Ray and Optic system to inspect any jam, foreign objects, relative mass, and shape inside the pattern or aluminum packaging without transport belt interference and with high accuracy.

All stainless-steel bodies with X-ray and Optical detection sensitivity of φ0.3mm to detect iron or stainless ball, stone, glass, hard bone, and high-density plastic pieces. Complete with an easy-to-follow module on 15.6-inch wide TFT color touchscreen LCD panel so your operators can maximize their time on other crucial aspects.






Dimension of Inspection Product (max) W210mm x H50mm
(no curtain type, 25mm)
W340mm x H120mm
(no curtain type, 40mm)
Conveyor Speed 20-60m/min
Belt Width 240mm 300mm
Weight Capacity 1kg
Detection Sensitivity

φ0.3mm iron or stainless ball, stone, hard bone,

and high density plastic pieces, etc

Display Unit 15.6-inch wide TFT color LCD (with touch panel)

Main unit: All-stainless (SUS304)

Pass Line 750±50mm
Max. X-Ray Output Tube voltage : 50kV
Tube current : 5.0mA, 150W
Tube voltage : 50kV
Tube current : 8.0mA, 300W
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 35°C, Humidity: 30 to 85%, No dew condensation allowed.
Weight 220kg 320kg
Power Supply AC100V±10% / AC200V±10 1.0kVA 50/60Hz AC100V±10% / AC200V±10 1.5kVA 50/60Hz

Features of hybrid inspection
X-ray inspection with optical cameras are performed at the same time to achieve merits that are not available conventionally.

All of jam, foreign object, and weight can be inspected with a high sensitivity

Jam inspection of various packaging materials including aluminum packaging material is achieved

Packing seal part can be identified securely