Universal Pack Gamma Coffee and Tea Pods

Packaging machines for tea and coffee

Universal pack has developed a dedicated line for tea and coffee.
Completely automatic tea bag packaging machines for heat-sealed single chamber filter bags with or without aluminum staple.

Since its beginning, Universal Pack has been producing packaging machines for coffee and tea with the possibility to achieve also Bag in Bag packaging (filter paper sachets into heat-sealable sachets).

Within the single-dose coffee and tea packaging sector, GAMMA guarantees high efficiency together with the most compact machine layout, thanks to its vertical structure.


All common heat-sealable composite film can be processed. For example: PAP/PE; PAP/ALU/PE; PET/ALU/PE and cold sealable materials
GAMMA machines are built in 4 versions, according to the required reel width:
Gamma P (max reel width 400 mm)
Gamma S (max reel width 560 mm)
Gamma M (max reel width 900 mm)
Gamma G (max reel width 1200 mm )
Different sizes on request

The machine’s production speed is a function of the number of lanes and the cycle speed.
The maximum number of lanes depends on the sachet dimensions and the cycle speed depends on product, film, dose, sachet format and many other factors.

The feed technologies utilized are specific to the clients’ product, ensuring high speed, accuracy and reliability

Width: min 25 mm; max 200 mm
Length: min 30 mm; max 400 mm
Dose: from 0,1 to 300 cm³

Each GAMMA BUT machine is designed for the packaging process according to individual product specifications and aims to guarantee the highest levels of precision, quality and efficiency for Tea and Coffee, ensuring high quality and flexibility even of specific robotized feeding systems.

All filling systems are constructed with cutting edge technology and fitted with various filling units, to suit the product to be treated.

Each product demands adequate dosing technology, adapted to specific product characteristics.

Universal Pack will assist you in choosing the most suitable dosing system for your product.

GAMMA can be set up with any dosing system and can accommodate a large range of sachet sizes.

All dosing technologies feature precise weight control and tight seals – a must for optimum product safety of valuable and sensitive products.

Simplicity, endurance and quick size changeover are the strength and the key of success of Universal Pack machines and lines, guaranteeing at the same time the highest efficiency as well as simplified maintenance and improved user-friendliness of the machine itself.