Yamato Dataweigh Epsilon

Yamato Dataweigh Epsilon Series

Proven design for lasting performance, smart, reliable, established technology.

The machines of the EPSILON Series are a worthy successor of the well-known SIGMA equipment.

The multihead weighers of this series combine our enormous engineering experience with the latest technological developments.The multihead weighers of this EPSILON series combine our enormous engineering experience with the latest technological developments and offer remarkable performance at a sensational price.

The multihead weighers of the EPSILON Series are applicable for weighing and packaging of nearly every kind of bulk goods.


Stepper Motor Driver

 Specification Value
Weighing Heads 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 without memory
8, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24 with memory
Target weight in single discharge (g) 2–250, 4–500, 8–1000, 20–2000, 20–3000, 40–5000
Up to weighments per min 50-300
Application & special features standard, twin, mixing, multipoint discharge, high-speed, large volume, extra large volume, more combinations

Reliable Design
•  Load Cells can withstand up to 150kg load
•  High-performance Yamato Strain Gauge Load Cells
•  Actuator unit driven by a stepper motor system
•  Robust bucket and linkage design
•  Spring-free buckets

Tool-free Strip Down
•  Quick release linear feeder pans
•  Latch on top cone
•  Lift-off buckets and chutes

Advanced Features
•  Adjustable open/close door profiles
•  Linear feeder control
•  Central load cell for ancillary feed system
•  Unique Drive System

Network Remote Control
•  Network Capable
•  PC Remote Control by WEB browser and OS (Wi-fi Available)
•  Realtime Data Acquistision via Ethernet

Hygienic Design
•  Full stainless steel construction
•  Compliant with IP66 standard
•  Large radius corner bucket design

Easy Maintenance
•  Modular plugin actuator
•  Buckets and actuators fully interchangeable
•  Toolfree removable top cone, linear feeder pans, buckets and chutes
•  Autoinhibit function allows the buckets to be removed without stopping the weigher
•  Auto tare

Environmental Responsibility
•  Advanced electronics keep the power consumption low
•  Greater precision minimizes the waste of resources
•  Easy cleaning reduces the water consumption

Advanced Software
•  Data Acquistison via USB
•  Operation in 22 languages
•  Program Update