System Square Metal Detector SD3-60 Type

For inspection of large bag products and large box products such as rice, flour, and grain

System Square Metal Detector SD3-60 Type is suitable for inspection of products contained in large boxes and bags, such as rice, wheat flour, and cereals, etc. Applicable to a passage width of up to 60 cm

System Square Metal Detectors MetaHawk3 has 3 kinds of inspection functions:

  • New System “V Mode Inspection”
    As the product features are visualized using multiple phases, even fine changes are identified to achieve high sensitivity.
  • Advanced ECP Function
    In the MetaHawk3, this ECP function has been further advanced using the leading-edge data analysis technology. Use of this function makes it possible to precisely detect products containing water content or salt content with large effects as well as products with small effects.
  • 2-Frequency Inspection
    Both Fe and SUS foreign objects can be detected with high sensitivity.


Model (SD3-XXXX D/W) 6007 6009 6011 6014 6017 6020 6025 6030 6035
Max passage width (mm)


Max passage height (mm) 70 90 110 140 170 200 250 300 350
Detection sensitivity (mm) Fe Φ 0.5 Φ 0.55 Φ 0.55 Φ 0.6 Φ 0.7 Φ 0.8 Φ 0.8 Φ 1.0 Φ 1.2
SUS304 Φ 1.0 Φ 1.1 Φ 1.2 Φ 1.3 Φ 1.5 Φ 1.5 Φ 1.5 Φ 1.7 Φ 2.0
Belt Speed

24m/min (50Hz)

Conveyor Size

1500mm(length) x 500mm(belt width)

Transport Weight


Power Requirements

AC100V±10%, AC200V±10%, 50/60Hz. 300VA or Three-phase AC200V±10%, 50/60Hz, 550VA

Mass (kg) 186 187 188 194 199 202 204 210 216

Easy Cleaning
One-touch detachment/attachment of the conveyors requiring the frequent cleaning ensures the sanitary system.

Simple Structure
Waterproofing model has simple frame structure made with stainless steel. It provides easy cleaning and high hygiene. Timing belt is located outside of frame, so that it never interferes transportation belt.

The IP66 dust protection and waterproof standard is satisfied

The machine is capable of handling lines involved with water with sufficiently high sensitivity. It can be cleaned with water

Data management through network (option)

The data of multiple machines can be managed with PC through the LAN network.