Videojet 37 PC Continuous Inkjet Postal Barcoding Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer for Postal Bar code Printing Systems

The Videojet 37pc inkjet printer is designed to print a wide range of globally-accepted postal bar code fonts.


Specification Value
Printheads 1
Inks Dye Based
Maximum Lines of Print 1
Maximum Print Speed 1,388 characters/second
Postal Bar Code Maximum Print Rate 4,230 bars/second
Umbilical Length 3 m (10 ft)
Communications RS-232 Serial, Parallel
Display (User Interface) 4 line LCD display with 15-key keyboard

Designed for Postal Bar Coding

The Videojet 37pc inkjet printer is designed specifically to print postal bar codes and delivers superior performance for mail piece identification. Beyond the many postal-specific bar codes such the Intelligent Mail® Bar Code (IMB), Bar / No Bar, and Royal Mail Bar Code, this flexible system can also print time, date, alphanumeric characters and custom images at speeds up to 1,388 characters/second or 4,230 bars/second.

The 37pc has successfully been integrated into a wide variety of mail processing systems worldwide. Videojet products image on nearly one billion pieces of mail each day. In addition to printers, we have the expertise to develop solutions for challenging postal applications around the world, such as stamp cancellation and verification.

Fast drying and specialty inks are available for postal applications, including traceability and security.