Prodec Cartesian Palletizing S-201

Cartesian palletizing solution with dual loading station. Compact and flexible manual pallet feeding and withdrawal on one monoblock.

The pick & place modular Cartesian palletizer, S-201, has been specifically designed to handle cartons, shrink-packs or any other containers on a regular basis in a small area size.

The S-201 is a compact and flexible Cartesian palletizer which has a dual loading station with electronic and manual pallet withdrawal

Model S-201
Max. palletizing height (including pallet) 1700 mm (others on request)
Max. load (head included) 30 Kg
Capacity 10 cycles/minute
Heads available Clamp for side pressure, suction vent, fork, claw.
Dimensions of pallet 1000 x 1200
800 x 1200
(Others on request)
Electric power 5,5 kW
  • Cartesian palletizer with servo-driven high-speed movement.
  • Optimum height of the machine with the addition of a telescopic mast (optional).
  • High safety standards through barriers with sensors and option of interlocking doors.
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 10″ touch screen panel with manuals and mosaics including schemes.
  • Open structure that allows quick and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Double pallet square for manual feed
  • Different provisions depending on the application and available space.
  • Custom clip to handle multiple types of cases, with fast and automatic exchange.
  • Editing and modification of electronic formats by the user.

Compact design:
All the functions described are developed in a versatile, efficient and compact equipment, occupying a small and simple handling space for the operator. Robust and transparent from any constructive conception angle, it allows one to observe all mechanisms and operational functionality from the outside.

The clean, open design without mechanical barriers, greatly simplifies all interventions required on the equipment, whether by a change in format or a simple cleaning and maintenance regulation or routine.

Its advanced concept allows an expansion of its functions or increasing workstations to suit the required production needs, both in forming and filling.

We have used specific design methods for its development to optimize the comfort and convenience of staff working on the machine.

Information Management:
A powerful software developed by our technical team allows you total control over the device functions. You can also perform simple formatting changes through the incorporated touch screen. Through this, it is possible to verify production efficiency for shifts or slots, making it an effective analytical instrument. It is ready to integrate various lines of work according to the standard OMAC.