• Product - Yamato Alpha Advance Multi Head Weigher

Yamato Alpha Advance Multi Head Weigher

Yamato Alpha Advance ADW-A 

The state of the art Alpha series have advance to the next level and raised the bar of the industry standards. Operation have advanced to a much simple design. Toughness have advanced to withstand more loads. Accuracy have advanced to an unmatched level.
The Alpha Advance series realize high-speed weighing: 75wpm by 10-head model and 140wpm by 14-head model. The accuracy is also improved compared to the former model.

There are 3 models available for Yamato Alpha Advance ADW-A with different specifications that you could check on, those are ADW-A-0310S; ADW-A-0314S and ADW-A-0320S.

Number of Weigh Head 10 / 14 / 20
Max. Speed (wpm) 75 / 140 / 2x75
Max. Combination Volume (ml) 3000
Weighing Range (g) 4-500 / 8-1000
Min. Increment Digit (g) 0.1 / 0.2
Operating Temperature -10°C-40°C (14°F-40°F)
Humidity 35-85% (there should be no condensation)
Net Weight (kg) 350 / 400 / 700
Power Requirement AC200/220/230/240V (+10% to -15%) 50/60Hz, 1 phase
0.7kVA / 1.0kVA / 1.4kVA

 Improving Productivity

  • High frequency load cell shortens the settle time of weighing cycle and realizes high-speed weighing
  • Yamato AFC system (Auto Feeder Control system) enable the best feeding and the accuracy and the productivity has been greatly improved
  • Improver feeder amplitude, enables to handle sticky or fragile products
Self Diagnostic
  • All important system conditions, including voltages, input/output status, software versions, and analog/digital converter can be monitored and diagnosed through the color touch screen operator interface. 

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Yamato Alpha Advance Multi Head Weigher


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