• Product - Square Bone Remaining Inspection System

Square Bone Remaining Inspection System

Remaining bones and foreign bodies that could not be seen,
with conventional X-ray foreign body inspection system can be checked!

This newly developed inspection system incorporates an FA cooling unit. This greatly reduces troubles of the X-ray system, PC, and other electronic control units.
Making the process to check the remaining chicken bones, fish bones, and remaining bones and foreign objects included in large minced fish paste products and flakes possible.

Wide inspection area
Originally developed new sensor ensures a wide inspection area of 350mm x 600mm. Small fishes, fish blocks, and large minced fish paste products can be inspected efficiently.

Images are sharp and clear
Perspective images with uniform light and less distortion greatly reduce work personnel's eye strain.

Dimension of inspection product W350mm×L600mm×H90mm(Reference values)
Transport weight 10kg
Image capturing area 1 Pictures Mode:W350mm×L300mm
2 Pictures Mode:W350mm×L600mm
Inspection time * 1 Pictures Mode:About 4.5 Seconds
2 Pictures Mode:About 6.5 Secouds
Structure Water-proof structure(Conveyor):IP66 or equivalent
Pass line 850mm±50mm
Max. X-ray output Tube voltage (Max.): 50kV, Tube current: 8.0mA (However, the output is limited to 300W)
Operating environment Temperature: 15 to 30℃, Humidity: 30 to 75%, No dew condensation allowed.
Belt width 470mm
Display unit 30 inches moniter
Safety X-ray leak dose ratio, 1μSv/h or less
Weight 350kg
Power supply AC200/220V±10% 2.0kVA 50/60Hz

Dimension of inspection product
W 350mm
L 600mm
H 90mm

Transport Weight

Image Capturing Area
2 pictures mode: W350mm x L600mm
1 picture mode: W350mm x L300mm

Inspection time
2 pictures mode: 6.5 seconds
1 picture mode: 4.5 seconds


* product name based
Square Bone Remaining Inspection System


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