Printing On Rigid Plastic Containers

VideoJet Indonesia - Industrial Coding and Marking Solutions for Printing on Plastic Rigid Containers

Polyethylene (PE) and High-density polyethylene (HDPE) are among the most common plastics used for rigid packaging. With relatively low surface energy, these plastics can be challenging to mark. Mold release agents, if present, should also be considered when selecting the right marking solution.

A variety of Videojet solutions are available depending on the desired mark effect. Our selection of inks for Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers provide quality marks on a wide range of plastics, including high adhesion inks and oil penetrating inks specifically for plastics. Laser systems, which deliver permanent but less-noticeable marks, are also an option. Videojet offers a wide laser range including CO2, Fiber and UV to best match laser wavelength with the plastic material


Printing On Rigid Plastic Containers Recommendation Product

Proking HF-2000 Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The Modular High Efficiency Performance Induction Sealing Machine  The entire cap sealing machine is constructed ofhigh quality modular mechanisms,

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Proking HF-2500 Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Fully Modular Foil cap Sealing Machine The modular, high efficiency cap sealing machine fully is automated. It combines the

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Proking HF-3000 Induction Cap Sealing Machine

All Stainless Setting, High Power Output Induction Cap Sealing The newest cap sealing machine has special features that are

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Proking HF-500 Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The Best Ever Investment for Small and Family Enterprises The HF500 is specially designed for small enterprise. It seals

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Videojet 1520 CIJ Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer for Medium Duty Coding Applications The Videojet 1520 Continuous inkjet printer is a highly flexible platform specifically designed

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Videojet 6210 TTO Printer

Videojet 6210 Thermal Transfer Printer for low speed flexible packaging The Videojet 6210 Thermal Transfer Overprinter is a proven, cost-effective solution

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Videojet 6230 TTO Printer

Thermal Transfer Printer for Flexible Packaging Materials The Videojet 6230 is a low speed Thermathat l Transfer Printer utilizes the latest

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Videojet 8610 TIJ Printer

Industrial TIJ Printer for High quality Barcode Printing applications The Videojet 8610 Thermal InkJet Printer utilizes a revolutionary, purpose-built cartridge designed

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Videojet DataFlex 6320 TTO Printer

Videojet 6320 TTO Printer for VFFS packaging The Videojet DataFlex 6320 Thermal Transfer Overprinter is a available in two print widths,

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Videojet DataFlex 6330 & 6530 TTO Printer

With iAssureTM integrated code quality assurance technology, minimal wear parts, all electronic auto-setup design, and fast-change ribbon cassette, the

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Videojet DataFlex 6420 TTO Printer

Thermal Transfer Printer for Flexible packaging applications When uptime, high performance and throughput are critical, the Videojet DataFlex 6420 Thermal Transfer

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Videojet DataFlex IP Plus TTO Printer

Thermal Transfer Printers for washdown applications The Videojet IP-rated DataFlex Plus Thermal Transfer Overprinter is ideal for flexible film coding applications where

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