Printing on Corrugate Boxes

VideoJet Indonesia - Industrial Coding and Labeling Solutions for Printing on Corrugate Boxes

Corrugate containers deliver versatility as a packaging solution for use in the shipping, warehouse, distribution and logistics markets. The high strength to weight ratio makes it an ideal option for these applications.

Videojet offers solutions that provide options in character height, print resolution and bar code quality including label print and apply for high bar code read rates. Colored inks for Videojet large character ink jet printers can provide visually attractive brand information and product identification. Colors can also be used to print visual cues to identify particular sub-brands, distinguish between different grades of product, or to highlight product compliance with specific building codes or regulations.


Printing on Corrugate Boxes Recommendation Product

Marsh Patrion Plus Inkjet System

The Marsh PatrionPlus large character printing system is designed to meet your expanding needs. The advanced printer technology in this system

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Continuous Inkjet Inks

Videojet employs strict manufacturing quality control processes for our consumables and replacement parts to deliver the best possible

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Marsh 8000 Inkjet System

The Videojet Marsh 8000 system combines high resolution printing with a highly advanced user interface, making message creation quick, easy

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Videojet 2120 Case Coding Printer

Low Resolution carton coding Printers with Large character InkJet applications The Videojet 2120 is an easy-to-use printer for applying single or

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Videojet 2300 High Resolution InkJet Printer

The Videojet 2300 Series is a family of three high resolution, large character inkjet printers that provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous

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Videojet 2351 & 2361

The Videojet 2351 and 2361 high-resolution, large character inkjet printers provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous and

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Videojet 8510/ Wolke M600 TIJ Printer

Thermal InkJet Barcode printer The Wolke m600 touch and Videojet 8510 are high resolution printers that use HP®’s thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology. These versatile

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Videojet 8610 TIJ Printer

Industrial TIJ Printer for High quality Barcode Printing applications The Videojet 8610 Thermal InkJet Printer utilizes a revolutionary, purpose-built cartridge designed

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Videojet 9550 Print and Apply Labeling Printer

Print and Apply Industrial Labeling System with Direct apply label Placement technology The 9550 Label Printing machine with Intelligent MotionTM is a

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Wolke M600 Advanced TIJ Printer

Thermanl InkJet Printers for Industrial applications used mostly in Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Industries The Wolke m600 advanced Thermal inkjet printer is

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Wolke M600 Basic TIJ Printer

Wolke Thermal Inkjet Printer for Light Duty Marking and Coding Applications The Wolke m600 basic Thermal inkjet printer is engineered for simplicity

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Wolke M600 OEM TIJ Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer for Track and Trace, Pharmaceutical applications The Wolke m600 oem Thermal Inkjet Printer establishes the gold standard for

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